We've outlined below the content of The Lightbringers. We've used "adult" language and concepts in these descriptions but, in the sessions themselves, everything is, of course, communicated in an age-appropriate and fun way designed to make perfect sense to 5-11-year-olds.


Part A — Key Truths

Jesus said that we will know the truth and the truth will set us free! In the first three sessions we look at some of the key truths we need to know to understand what it means to be a Christian.


Session 1: I Am Special, Safe, And Accepted 

When Adam and Eve were created, they had life in all its fullness. God met all their needs. They were perfectly accepted, safe, and significant. When they chose to sin, they lost their relationship with God. The result for us is that we are born with a huge need for acceptance, security, and significance. Jesus came to give us back that life we lost. Our new identity in Jesus means we have the acceptance, security, and significance that Adam and Eve lost.


Session 2: I Am A New Creation

The Bible makes it clear that, because of what Jesus has done for us, we are new creations in Christ. Knowing that we are children of God who can come boldly into God’s presence changes everything.


Session 3: I Can Trust Father God 

Everyone lives by faith, even those who are not Christians. It’s who or what we put our faith in that determines whether or not it will be effective. As Christians, it’s essential that what we believe is in agreement with what God has revealed in His Word.


Part B — The World, The Flesh, And The Devil

Every day we struggle against three things that conspire to push us away from truth. Understanding how the world, the flesh, and the devil work will enable us to renew our minds and stand firm.


Session 4: I Can Choose To See Things As God Says They Really Are

Depending on where they were brought up, children will have learned to look at the world in a particular way that seems right to them. But is it? We need to teach children to stop looking at the world in that way and start seeing it from God’s perspective.


Session 5: I Can Make Good Choices With God’s Help

Christians have a new heart and a new spirit, but we still struggle with many of the unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving to which we’ve grown accustomed. This session shows children that we can choose to live as God wants us to, being led by the Holy Spirit.


Session 6: I Can Choose To Have Good Thoughts That Come From God

Becoming a Christian does not instantly change the way we have learned to think, but we can demolish strongholds – by which we mean strong, embedded thought patterns – by choosing actively to renew our minds according to the truth of God’s Word.


Session 7: I Am Protected Because God Is Stronger Than Anything 

It’s important to understand that we are in a spiritual battle, which makes dismantling strongholds less straightforward than if it were simply a question of learning to think differently. Every day children face a battle for their minds – often our very education system undermines a Biblical worldview. However, understanding this, knowing that we have a spiritual enemy, and recognizing that we have an amazing position in Christ will equip us to win.


Part C — Breaking The Hold Of The Past

God does not change our past but by His grace He enables us to walk free of it. In this section of the course we look at how we can take hold of what Christ has done for us in order to do just that. The Steps To Freedom In Christ at the end of the course will complete this process.


Session 8: I Can Have Peace Because God Will Help Me Whatever I’m Feeling

There are feelings and then there is the truth. They are not always related. In this session we will look at how, the more we commit ourselves to the truth and choose to believe that what God says is true, the less our feelings will run away with us.


Session 9: I Can Forgive Others 

Learning to forgive from the heart sets us free from our past and heals our emotional pain. It’s not easy but it is essential. This session will take some time exploring this and giving children opportunity to truly forgive. The Lightbringers Trail (The Steps To Freedom In Christ for Children) is to follow this session.


The Lightbringers Trail: The Steps To Freedom In Christ For Children

This is the main “ministry” component of the course. You will have the opportunity to lead children through the gentle age-appropriate Steps To Freedom In Christ. They will go step-by-step (hence the idea of a “trail”) through prayers inviting God to show them stuff they need to deal with, say sorry, and turn their back on it. It’s about submitting to God and resisting the devil (James 4:7), reconnecting with God’s love, and assuming responsibility for their walk with Him. This should be done after Session 9 or 10.


Part D — Growing As Disciples

We now need to turn our attention to developing mature disciples. This section, with a final teaching session, will look at how children can stand firm and become more and more like Jesus in character.


Session 10: I Can Live Every Day Walking In God’s Truths

Growth in maturity depends on the extent to which children continue to renew their minds and learn to distinguish good from evil. We aim to equip them to do just that.


The Lightbringers Commission

This is to mark the children’s completion of the course by giving them an opportunity to tell God they want to follow Him for the rest of their lives, and then commission them as Lightbringers. This is the end of The Lightbringers course but just the start for them as they walk in their new identity and the freedom they have in Christ.

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