Free Video Session: Why Believe The Bible?

This is the optional introductory session to our best-selling Freedom In Christ Course and we are delighted to offer it here to anyone who is interested in knowing why it is perfectly reasonable to believe that the Bible is God’s message to the people He created. The video is in three sections with suggested questions for discussion or contemplation in between.

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At the end of each video your screen will go blank. If you're in full-screen mode, press esc and then scroll down this page to play the next part.

Why Believe The Bible? Part A

Pause For Thought 1 Discussion Questions:

When was the first time that you heard about the Bible, read the Bible, or had it read to you?

Is there a Bible passage or verse that is particularly special to you? If so, read it to the group and explain briefly why it is so meaningful.

Why do you believe — or why do you currently struggle with the concept — that the Bible is “the inspired word of God”?

Why Believe The Bible? Part B


Pause For Thought 2 Discussion Questions:

Look up some of the following Old Testament prophecies: Micah 5:2; Isaiah 7:14; Jeremiah 31:15; Psalm 41:9; Zechariah 11:12–13; Psalm 22:16-18 and Zechariah 12:10; Exodus 12:46 and Psalm 34:20; Psalm 22:18. From your knowledge of the story of Jesus, how were these prophecies fulfilled? 

“History confirms the Bible and things predicted in it later happened.” How do these two things help you believe the Bible really is God’s message to us?

What are some of the reasons that people dismiss the claims of the Bible?

Why Believe The Bible Part C



Spend some time thanking God for the Bible. 

Then ask Him to continue to develop in you a thirst and longing to read and understand His Word in your day-to-day life.