Discipleship Course now available in Farsi for Iran

Tuesday, 15 December 2015
The Discipleship Course including the DVD set and its related resources - Leader's and Participant's Guides, posters, postcards and invitation letters, is now available in Farsi (main language of the Iranians) together with The Steps To Freedom and the four Discipleship Series books written by Steve Goss to supplement the Discipleship Course. The translated course can be used in a bi-lingual setting, meaning that it is possible to conduct the course in English and Farsi together. Maggie Yeghnazar, Director of 222 Publications says "An English speaking leader could facilitate the course for Farsi students, with the aid of the full range of material in Farsi, while he/she uses the English material, enabling the Farsi speaking participants to read and follow the materials in their own language!" The above resources can be purchased from: www.222publications.com (English/Farsi). The new FIC Farsi website is also ready at www.FICFarsi.com (Farsi only)