Help our Leaders to attend UK2023 - US Dollars

Thanks so much for your willingness to assist our national leaders from the developing world to attend UK2023. After an extended period of isolation for many of them due to the pandemic, we sense a great need to bring them together for a time for reconnection, building and encouragement. You can either make a one-off payment or a regular monthly donation (which you can stop at any time). 

Your debit or credit card payment will be processed securely via Stripe. Your donation will be placed into a fund that will be used to help all of our leaders from around the world who cannot afford to fund themselves to attend UK2023. The fund will be carefully allocated on the basis of need.

IMPORTANT NOTE! US-based donors who require a tax deduction receipt, please do NOT use this form but CLICK HERE to make your donation. Then please go to the section that says "To Support Field Staff or Projects" and select "UK2023" halfway down the FUND list.

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